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“Be excited about these times. The manner in which humanity was conducting itself and treating our planet

was unsustainable and so the Global Crisis we find ourselves in is indeed the very catalyst we needed for a Giant Awakening.

  It is a privilege to be alive right now!”

Dr Janey

Welcome, Dear Awakening Soul!

What interesting times we live in! 😉 You are probably here because you already understand (or are quickly learning) that this crisis is not ‘about a virus’ and that a much Bigger Agenda is unfolding! Let me begin by saying that if you want to enjoy extraordinary health and peace-of-mind during these times without taking a vaccine, you can!! Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

The Global Crisis, while being an immense challenge for each of us in different ways, may also be considered in the Bigger Picture as a gift in disguise! The truth is that we needed this crisis to welcome in a new way of Being for humanity and for our planet! The trajectory we were on was quite simply unsustainable!

The same holds true for health. The stranglehold of the pharmaceutical and conventional medical industry on the masses has in reality not been serving our health and well-being for the last hundred years. Although their own marketing machine may have convinced the vast majority of the advances of modern medicine, in reality it has left a global population reeling with unprecedented levels of chronic disease and a population utterly disempowered and reliant on the very industries outside of them that have created the situation.

Enter the Global Crisis and we are predictably witnessing large portions of the population conditioned over decades to be deeply reliant on this flawed system while being further seduced by mainstream media’s fear-propaganda machine, queue up for an untested vaccine that continues to produce a stream of adverse effects and deaths on a daily basis (although not being reported by mainstream media). On the upside of this however, observing the ever-growing numbers of people around the world awakening to the blatant inconsistencies from governments and health officials while increasingly voicing their distrust of the vaccine has been heartening.

Unfortunately we often need a crisis to awaken, and so it seems this ‘viral pandemic’ – we’ll call it that for now – was a necessary catalyst in presenting humanity with an unprecedented opportunity to finally Awaken on a giant scale to the truth of the pervasive misinformation (and deliberately suppressed information) around health as well as a multitude of other areas in our everyday world.

It is this ‘lifting of the veil’ that promises to give birth to a Giant Awakening and a necessary shift in consciousness that in turn will enable us to usher in a new and Golden Era. We may be living in challenging times, but they are exciting times too and they carry the seeds of unprecedented potential…

Awakening Soul
Elephants chained at a young age to a stake in the ground remain imprisoned for life, unaware of the reality that as an adult they could easily tear the stake from the ground and free themselves.

“To escape a prison, one must first know one is in one!”

Humanity can (and I believe will) triumph over the current unfolding of an increasingly tyrannical ruling by the Globalists who state their clear intent on implementing an agenda of eugenics, mandatory vaccinations, global surveillance and a Global Reset that is set to strip humanity of all remaining freedoms.  To avoid this unthinkable real-world Dystopia, humanity must awaken quickly to this pressing reality and be willing to look at, accept and address the decades of inconvenient truths that have kept us prisoners (largely unknowingly) for so long.  

Denying the overwhelming evidence of the above scenario for the fear and discomfort it may elicit, or attempting to discredit truth-seekers as ‘conspiracy theorists’ will only play into the hands of the Globalists.  We have a small window of opportunity which we must use wisely, working together and not against each other.  After all, fear, division and ignorance are the Globalists’ greatest tools against us in accelerating the advent of the New World Order.

We have the unique privilege of steering humanity from a path bereft of all human freedoms to one that exceeds all that has come before – a Golden Era! We owe it to ourselves and the generations to follow to open our hearts and minds to all that has enslaved us and to work together courageously in reclaiming the freedom we all deserve!

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