Fear ~ a far greater threat to humanity than 'the virus'!

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Fear ~ a far greater threat to humanity than 'the virus'!

By Dr Janey Little

A pandemic of fear

You can make people do anything you want if you create mass fear!  This was the chilling message shared by Herman Goering when asked during the Nuremberg trials how the Nazis had managed to convince a nation of their agenda.

“Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them that they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country”. Herman Goering

The parallels with our current Global Crisis are clear for anyone open to seeing it and are something we should never forget! In our current situation the virus would be considered the alleged ‘attacker’ and those ‘exposing the country to danger’ are those who dare to question the mainstream narrative.

Let us remind ourselves that those who ignore history are likely to repeat it….

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

Franklin D. Roosevelt clearly understood the incapacitating power of fear, addressing it in his inaugural speech in 1933 at the depth of the Depression reminding Americans and the World that “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

The effects of chronic fear

Mainstream media’s perpetual narrative of fear and gloom has done a great job in convincing the vast majority of the masses that everyone is dying from COVID-19 and by implication, that they could be next. This has naturally stirred up a great deal of ongoing fear and uncertainty.

A fear response in the short term (eg the deer running from the lion) is rightly considered as a critical survival mechanism in response to a threat. However, long term ongoing exposure to a perceived threat – as is the situation with this viral ‘pandemic’ – rather than being helpful, could be considered the most destructive and disempowering of human emotions.

The following is a brief overview of the effect that the ongoing ‘fear propaganda’ is having on the population at large.


Chronic exposure to stress hormones leads to adrenal exhaustion, overload and burnout, which is reflected in turn in multiple ways in the physical body. The following are just a few key examples:

  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Disruption of sleep/wake cycle
  • Eating disorders
  • Hormonal dysfunction


  • Anxiety/phobias
  • Learned helplessness
  • Mood swings
  • Obsessive/compulsive behaviours
  • Inability to have loving feelings


  • Confusion/fear in God or religion
  • Waiting for God to ‘fix it’
  • Loss of trust
  • Despair related to perceived loss of spirituality


The storage of sensory input and the ability to retrieve information is affected leading to:

  • Reduced ability to learn
  • Reduced ability to think critically

The above serves to highlight that chronic fear stands in direct opposition to a healthy immune system required to prevent (and heal from) disease. It also goes a long way to explain much of the irrational behaviour and departure from common sense that we are being witness to on a global scale. 

“Lies, damned lies and statistics”

We are being reminded of the power of manipulating statistics to mislead and distort a situation in order to convey and bolster a particular viewpoint or agenda. The following points highlight a few crucial elements which undermine the statistics being presented by the mainstream narrative.

1. The highly questionable PCR test is widely considered as delivering an unacceptable level of false positive results but nonetheless continues to be used as the yardstick for measuring the entire pandemic. This fundamentally flawed test has inflated figures and consequently fueled fear.

2. The definition of ‘cases’ was altered from someone who is symptomatic to someone who tests positive to the test (and is in truth completely well). Aligned with the ‘epidemic’ of tests being carried out globally and the high incidence of false positives, the ‘incidence of cases’ was inevitably set to rise.  However in truth, the reporting of ‘cases’ bears little relevance to clinical illness! In spite of this, mainstream media continues to reference ‘cases’ which misrepresents and inflates the true picture and in doing so drives the ‘fear pandemic’.

3. Financial incentives are offered to present a COVID diagnosis ($13,000 per COVID diagnosis in some hospitals), often without the need for a test to even be conducted.  This has further served to drive figures upwards while raising strong questions as to the reasons for the flagrant departure from normal medical procedure that requires confirmation of a diagnosis by use of an appropriate test.

These points (and there are more) have inflated the COVID figures significantly and raises serious questions as to the true figures of the ‘pandemic’ that have driven a global wave of fear. They should also serve to question the incentive behind wanting to drive these figures higher!

Current Statistics

A recent and more telling summary of current global statistics reveal that 99.6% of global active COVID-19 infections are considered mild with only 0.4% serious/critical (ref: worldometer.com) while CDC figures demonstrate that global mortality rates in 2020 were only marginally higher than those of previous years. These statistics immediately bring into question any reference to a ‘pandemic’.

Why now and why COVID?

On a separate but related point, the question is raised as to why there was a comparative void of media coverage in 2019 when 10 million people were seriously ill with Tuberculosis (TB) and 1.4 million people died. It begs the question that if the health industry and their media spokesmen were genuinely concerned about informing the masses for the purposes of safe-guarding their health, then why did the public hear so little about TB and so much about COVID?


If you’re one of the comparatively few who are awakened to the disparities (although thankfully the numbers are growing), you’re probably confounded by how some of your friends, loved-ones and otherwise well-educated people can’t (or won’t) see them.  This serves as a timely reminder of the simple fact that if we hear a lie often enough, we begin to take it on as truth!  Most notably, those that are under its ‘spell’ are the least able to recognise it.  Such is the power of propaganda! 


Alongside this is the unparalleled drive to censor anything that counters the mainstream narrative along with the attempt to discredit anyone who voices such an opinion as a ‘conspiracy theorist’.  Not only is this a massive departure from free-speech and democracy, but again raises the question for the need for doing so. The answer it would appear is simple; those who have an alternate agenda to presenting the truth are threatened by it and will frequently go to great lengths to suppress it.  Fortunately however, truth has a history of ultimately surfacing and exposing that which is not in alliance with it. 

Shifting fear to critical thinking

How can we take active steps to shifting this pandemic of fear?  The following are a few suggestions:

1. Switch off ALL mainstream media sources for 30 days! This is key! Most are funded by billionaires who have a vested financial interest in driving the fear and vaccination agenda. (Hint. You will not want to switch them on again after the month is up 😉 Remember: ‘If you hear a lie often enough you will begin to believe it as true’. 

2. Be willing to adopt a ‘Beginner’s mind’. This invites each of us to being willing and open to looking at the situation as a ‘blank canvas’. In doing so we need to put aside previous perceptions and conclusions and constantly reassess the situation afresh using new and different sources.  I will share a few that you may want to consider below.  However, feel free to choose your own but please keep the following guidelines in mind: If the media source is mainstream and funded by billionaire vaccine investors or pharmaceutical empires you are not getting an unbiased viewpoint!

Here are a few examples of non-censored video platforms:

  • brandnewtube.com
  • bitchute.com
  • brighteon.com

Here are a few examples of non-censored health platforms:

  • mercola.com
  • greenmedinfo.com
  • naturalnews.com

3. Consider sharing this article with friends and family – as we awaken to the truth together as a global community we become an infinitely powerful force!

Finally, please note that in questioning the COVID figures I in no way wish to diminish the relevance of those lives lost.  My point is to highlight the power of fear and the overwhelming evidence which suggests a deliberate media and government-driven global campaign to instill fear that is not only costing lives (rather than saving them), but devastating the quality and basic freedoms of lives, while creating a global population that is monumentally disempowered and ripe for history to repeat itself!

References: Mary D. Moller, PhD, DNP, ARNP, PMHCNS-BC, CPRP, FAAN https://www.ajmc.com/

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