ExtraordinaryTimes Community

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary You!

                                       A like-minded community of friends, Surviving and Thriving through these times                                                by embracing the timeless Art of Self-reliance in health!

Dear Friend,

Few would argue that we are living in the midst of extraordinary times! However, instead of dwelling on the great imposition to our freedoms that these times bring, I invite you to be reminded of the enormous privilege we have in being alive right now!

We stand at a critical juncture in history with each of us playing a crucial role as part of a collective in co-scripting the route forward for humanity! What an honour, what a gift!

I remain optimistic about our future, however it is time that we stand together in Truth in the face of tyrannical restrictions that follow neither true science nor logic and which are not serving humanity as a whole.

If you are awakened to the Truth dear friend and do not wish to live in fear of  concerns for your health, yet also do not plan to submit to ‘vaccine’ pressures, then know that there is an altogether different way to enjoy vibrant health and peace-of-mind during these times! If you would like to enjoy the support of a unique community of like-minded souls while acquiring all the health-tools and know-how to Survive and Thrive the chapter ahead, then I invite you to join our special community, ‘Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary You!’ so that you may enjoy these times and live an extraordinary life…. not in spite of these times, but because of them!

We have so much to look forward to together! I do hope you will join us!

“ Dr Janey's Extraordinary Times Community has been a godsend to me (and my family). The programme and community support group has far surpassed my wildest expectations. Dr Janey thoroughly researches the subjects she discusses and presents it in a clear and easily understandable way. She is such a wealth of mind altering, awe-inspiring information and her energy carries her messages across calmly and lovingly. I cannot recommend Dr Janey and her Extraordinary Times offering enough. It's the best investment you could make right now! ”
Michele Minaar

As a member of ‘Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary You!’ you will receive:

  • Essential health knowledge, protocols and tips directly relevant to and necessary for thriving through these times!
  • Become more Self-reliant in health – a crucial skill in moving away from dependence on a health system that never really was about health
  • Embrace countless Natural Remedies to enhance your innate immunity for extraordinary health and resistance to all viral and other health challenges of our times.
  • Still unsure about whether to have the ‘vaccination’? Be the first to hear the latest truths which are not being shared by mainstream media in order to make the wisest, safest choices for you and your family!
  • How to navigate work and travel issues related to the ‘vaccination’.
  • What to say to others when you are pressured into having the injection?
  • Perhaps you’ve had the injection or know friends and loved ones who have? Acquire the knowledge to help others in the best possible way.
  • Deepen your Intuition – embrace this most important key of tapping into your own extraordinary Higher Wisdom to guide you perfectly through these times and beyond.
  • Harness the magic of your God-given ‘Inner Doctor’ for vibrant health to withstand any and all health challenges during these times and for your life time!
  • Improve and even reverse failing eyesight and learn that getting older does not need to equate with poorer vision 
  • Adopt safer health alternatives to the injection eg Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine etc – get all the facts and info you need, including where to get these products or how to make them to keep you and your family healthy
  • Emotional health: Become immune to the pervasive ‘fear pandemic’! Learn how to maintain a high vibration (crucial for a healthy immune system, not to mention staying happy) throughout these times.
  • Become comfortable with the uncertainty of these times and how you can thrive not only in spite of them, but because of them!
  • Essential guidance on how to become (and remain) Centred and Present during these times while deepening your Connection to Source.
  • Awakening Seize the opportunity for Spiritual Growth and Conscious Awakening that these unprecedented times offer.
  • How to break the Chains of Enslavement that most of society is subjected to and enjoy True Freedom!

And much more…..

  • You will also have an opportunity to have all your health and Global Crisis related questions answered by Dr Janey
  • As a member of our community you would be welcome to request particular topics to be covered
“ This will be the best investment
in your health.
It is absolutely life-changing!
A message of great hope and assurance! ”
Mark Waters
" A life-changing experience!
Thank you!
Rich in content,
rich in inspiration, rich in truth!
This Program is something you
can't afford not to do! "
Bronnie Le Roux

When and where?

  • What: 2x calls per month (one every 2nd week) hosted by  Dr Janey (approx. 1 – 2 hours incl Q&A)
  • When: Tues evenings at 6pm CET (dates of the calls will be confirmed at the start of each month)
  • How: Via Zoom: Special link  is sent to all members



 Special Bonuses:

  • ‘Preparation for these Times’ – An invaluable Program on how to prepare in the event of an anticipated collapse of the food, fuel and power supply network as well as the potential collapse of the current monetary system. The value of this bonus alone will be worth being a part of this special community.
  • Quantum Energy Healing: Learn this invaluable tool to heal and protect yourself from the environmental challenges of these times such as 5G, spike proteins, Graphene Oxide etc
  • Community Sharing: Be a part of an Uplifting, Inspiring and Supportive Community chat group
  • 1-on-1 support if you are struggling emotionally or with mandates
  • Free listing of your business/passion in our Directory of Awakenened businesses


Q. What if I cannot attend some or all of the Zoom calls at the set times?

A. No problem, they will all be recorded for you to access and listen to at any time that is convenient to you.

Q. I have questions that I’d like to ask. Will I be able to submit these ahead of the call if I am not able to attend?

A. Absolutely! Simply email them to and Dr Janey will answer them during the Q&A at the end of each call.

Q. How do I access the calls?

A. The Zoom App can be easily downloaded onto any phone, laptop, iPad or computer by going to this link ahead of your first call: You will receive a special password that will give you access to the call as a member.

Q. Am I bound to the membership for a minimum length of time?

A. No, you would be free to unsubscribe at any time although I plan to share so much good stuff, together with the community support you’ll be receiving that I hope you will want to remain a part of this special community for as long as it’s needed 😉

The Investment:

The information you’ll be getting is priceless – it could literally save your life! While my 1-on-1 consultations cost hundreds of euros (and my longer programs, thousands of euros) I wanted this to be available to everyone while still honouring my time in hosting it. I am therefore offering to share all of my best information directly related to health and Thriving through this Global Crisis for just…

 – 30 euros per month

In addition, if you understand the value of being a part of a community over the long term and you want to benefit from further savings, then there is also an annual payment option as follows:

– Annual Subscription: 300 euros (get 2 months free)

Note: Payments are easily and safely processed online using Stripe: a safe and secure online payment portal.

You will be receiving valuable content for both you and your family directly relevant to these times. Expect to have an enjoyable and life-altering experience! 🙂

I hope to connect with you soon in our community at ‘Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary You!’

With so much love!

Dr Janey xx

PS. Please share with friends and colleagues who you believe could benefit from being a part of this special community

Dr Janey


Dr Janey Little (BVSc, MRCVS) is a Practitioner of Natural Medicine, speaker and author of ‘Cancer… You Can Heal Yourself!’ She has a background in conventional veterinary medicine (BVSc, MRCVS) with 22 years’ experience in the UK and South Africa.

Woken up to the reality of conventional medicine’s fundamentally flawed symptom-based and pharmaceutically-driven approach when her dear mother, Peggy died, Dr Janey chose to move from conventional to Natural Medicine sharing her passion for imparting the powerful and timeless principles of Self-Reliance in health and Self-Healing.

With the current Global Crisis and the pressure of a vaccine that unbiased science has demonstrated to be inextricably linked with dire potential disease consequences, the need for optimising our immune system for true peace-of-mind in health is at an all-time high!

Dr Janey shares powerful health protocols that address the fundamental core principles (too often overlooked) required to attain extraordinary health which will serve you not only in enjoying true peace-of-mind in health during the Global Crisis, but also vibrant health for a life-time!

What our clients say

“Dr Janey projects ‘life’, health, positivity,
with a serene aura which I found uplifting.
I feel privileged to have attended.”
Elizabeth (Cape Town)
THANK YOU so much Dr Janey!
I am still soaking in all the new awareness
that came alive this weekend.
You are an inspiration of note!
I am so deeply grateful for the way
you share your passion and purpose!
Your light shines so brightly and beautifully
and may it continue to do so with
a brightness that will make the world wake up!
G Criscuolo
“Thank you and God bless you
for your work.
He is surely using you as an instrument! Be well.”
Dr McDonnell