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‘Never pass up any opportunity to share your Gifts with the World!’   Russell Simmons

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In a rapidly changing world where more people every day are unable to uphold their previous careers or place of employment due to the mandates of these times, the opportunity to share our Gifts with the World is conversely being encouraged to give flight sooner than perhaps otherwise!

We invite you to list your Gift/Passion/Business (if it is compassionate to those who are consciously choosing to uphold their body sovereignty by saying no to injection mandates) in our directory below.  Our goal is to give flight to and support the thriving of awakened individuals and businesses during these times.

How do I get my Gift/Business listed? Please apply to be listed on our directory by providing a short description of your Gift to the World with reasons as to how your business is compassionate to those who are not ‘vaccinated’.  If your business is approved we will be asking you to submit a word doc/pdf that can be copied for listing including your business name, logo/image, description and contact details (approx 500px by 500px and up to 500kb in size)

Fees to be listed:

  • Free to community members of Extraordinary Times
  • 10 euros per month (non-members)

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Awakening Soul Holistic Consultations Dr Janey

A Natural Medicine Approach

Dr Janey Little is an holistic health consultant, speaker and author of ‘Cancer… You Can Heal Yourself!’ She has a background in conventional veterinary medicine (BVSc, MRCVS) with 22 years’ experience in the UK and South Africa.

Woken up to the reality of conventional medicine’s fundamentally flawed symptom-based and pharmaceutically driven approach when her dear mother died, Dr Janey chose to move from conventional to Natural Medicine sharing her passion for imparting the powerful and timeless principles and protocols of Self-Healing to those who aspire to enjoying extraordinary health or healing from dis-ease (simply a body ill at ease).

With the current Global Crisis and the pressure of a vaccine (that unbiased science has demonstrated to be inextricably linked with dire potential disease consequences), the need for optimising our immune system for true peace-of-mind in health is at an all-time high!

Dr Janey shares powerful health protocols that address the fundamental core principles (too often overlooked) required to attain extraordinary health which will serve you not only in enjoying true health freedom during these times, but also vibrant health for a life-time!

What our clients say

“Dr Janey projects ‘life’, health, positivity, with a serene aura which I found uplifting. I feel privileged to have attended.”
Elizabeth (Cape Town)
THANK YOU so much Dr Janey! I am still soaking in all the new awareness that came alive this weekend. You are an inspiration of note! I am so deeply grateful for the way you share your passion and purpose! Your light shines so brightly and beautifully and may it continue to do so.........with a brightness that will make the world wake up!
G Criscuolo
“Thank you and God bless you for your work. He is surely using you as an instrument! Be well.”
Dr McDonnell

True healing for cancer

If you understand the limitations of conventional medicine’s approach to cancer with its symptom-based approach and reliance on toxic therapies, and you are looking for a cause-based approach to your (or a loved-one’s) cancer diagnosis, then welcome dear friend! 🙂

As you are no doubt aware, the 3 pillars of conventional medicine’s response to cancer are the following a) surgery, b) chemotherapy and c) radiation.

Each of these ‘therapies’ however is focused on shrinking or removing the tumour, and let us never forget that the tumour is only a symptom! True and long-term healing can never be achieved in any disease when our focus is on the symptom. It’s the reason for the high recurrence rate of cancer and sadly why so many ‘survivors’ live in a perpetual state of fear of relapse.  It doesn’t need to be that way! 

Added to the symptom-based approach is the reliance on therapies which irrefutably suppress the immune system precisely during a time when the body’s requirement for a strong and intact immunity is at an all-time high, and we begin to understand the reason for allopathic medicine’s dismal answer to ‘the War against Cancer’!

If you are ready to address the cause of a cancer diagnosis, and understand the need to address all of who you are in healing – body, mind and soul, while working in harmony with your magnificent body in healing, then you are invited to apply for a free session below.

‘You are the Cure!’ healing session

Awakening Soul Holistic Consultations
Awakening Soul Holistic Consultations
Awakening Soul Holistic Consultations

You Can Heal Yourself!

For $7.99 euros


Book Testimonials:

I will not inject my body for the sake of the collective.
I will not block my breathing for the sake of the collective.
I will not fundamentally alter my lifestyle to accommodate the irrational fears of the collective.
This is a philosophical battle between the individual and the collective.
Those who are scared can choose of their own volition to inject their body, block their breathing, stay inside, and avoid whatever they perceive to be dangerous, but they absolutely cannot demand or mandate these things for another.
The collective is not owed safety or protection at the expense of the individual.
The healthy are not obligated to sacrifice themselves to the sick.
The confident are not obligated to sacrifice themselves to the fearful.
The idea that the individual owes anything to the collective is a delusion.
The collective would not exist without the individual.
The freedom and choice of the individual must always supersede the preferences of the mob, when this principle is inverted societal destruction is inevitable.
Many people have been conditioned to believe this is an ‘unloving’ or ‘selfish’ perspective while completely overlooking how unloving and selfish it is to demand an individual sacrifice of their own well-being for the sake of the herd.
Upholding the right for an individual to choose for themselves is the most loving and honourable thing a society can do!

Dr. Melissa Sell

Awakening Soul Holistic Consultations