The Polio vaccine; the seldom-told true story!

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The Polio vaccine; the seldom-told true story!

By Dr Janey Little

Awakening to the truth

Amidst the ever-growing body of beautiful souls awakening to the truth of the ‘vaccine’ is the frequently sited point that while they will not be getting the injection, they are also certainly “not an ‘anti-vaxxer!’” Evidence indeed of the effective mainstream media’s smear campaign in tandem with Pharma against ‘anti-vaxxers’ .

‘The polio vaccine worked for eradicating polio didn’t it?’

When we look a bit closer at this point of not being labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer’, the reason sited on almost every occasion is polio, with words along the lines of ‘well the polio vaccine worked for eradicating polio didn’t it!?’  Well did it?  Perhaps it’s time to look at this more closely…..

[Let me point out at this juncture that I used to administer vaccinations every day for my ‘bread and butter’].

A brief history of Polio

Polio was labelled ‘the great crippler’ and was a strange disease in many ways. It emerged in the 1940’s in industrialised nations causing various degrees of muscle weakness and paralysis in children, as well as deaths.  However it didn’t act like a virus.  It occurred in summer (while flu-like viruses were most prevalent in winters), and only middle-class to wealthy children were affected while mostly leaving the poor alone.  There were unexplained outbreaks in clusters in schools and towns while simultaneously its ability to be passed on to others (its infectiousness) was never able to be demonstrated. 

The rise of the ‘germ theory’ courtesy of Louis Pasteur was in full stride at this point and so the hunt was on to find a virus to blame to the virtual exclusion of all other probable causes even when clear evidence was presented to this end.

Sadly this blinkered approach to find a cure for the virus which also promised enormous financial gains would drown out the voices of those who were questioning the narrative of the time and the oddities of behaviour of the presumed virus.  Most notably these questioning voices included the doctors, Ralph Scobey and Morton Biskind.

It’s not a virus!

Scobey and Biskind presented research that would be published in medical journals and presented to the US Congress in 1951 and ’52 detailing the evidence that Polio or the ‘summer plague’ was in fact as a result of poisoning!  They presented considerable evidence that linked outbreaks of polio to children playing downstream from cotton mills and fields that had been sprayed with chemicals, or otherwise exposed through eating chemically-sprayed orchard fruit.

The main chemical offenders of the time were mercury, lead, arsenic, cyanide and phosphorous which had been demonstrably linked to various degrees of paralysis as well as death in workers and artisans throughout Europe who had been exposed to these chemicals during the progressive industrialisation of these areas. In addition, further afield in Australia, a ‘polio epidemic’ was linked to the widespread use of a phosphorous-containing fertilizer. 

Scobey also documented events from Western Samoa in the 1930’s and 40’s in which white doctors had arrived on a mission to protect the islanders from tropical diseases. The outcome was nothing short of disastrous with paralysis of the limb and buttock of the same side of the injection in all the members of 37 villages who were unfortunate enough to receive their drugs that also happened to contain arsenic.  

In spite of these dire warnings regarding the likely true cause of the epidemics of polio in the children, as well as paralysis occurring throughout much of the industrialised regions of the time, polio was about to get a lot worse!

DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloro-ethane)

Enter DDT!  This infamous and extremely toxic chemical was released on the world (courtesy of Monsanto) amidst a brutally effective advertising campaign that encouraged all to embrace it with the words, ‘DDT is good for Me-E-E!’ DDT would be sprayed on crops, animals, adults, children on the beach and more…..  and the ‘polio’ epidemic sky-rocketed!

A researcher by the name of Jim West collated the quantitative use of DDT production against the incidence of polio cases and demonstrated how the two were directly correlated. In addition, US soldiers deployed to the Philippines were succumbing to polio rates 10x higher than that of the mainland, the principal difference being that they were being sprayed with DDT.

However, in spite of the overwhelming evidence of a toxic cause, the vaccine race to cure the ‘polio virus’ was well and truly on at this point and it was a race that Jonas Salk would ultimately win.  It was decided that paralysis from polio was due to a common stomach bug and to support this theory, 17,000 monkeys were herded out of the jungles of India, Africa and Asia and shipped out for Salk’s vaccine experiments.  By 1955 the new polio vaccine (which contained formaldehyde and other chemicals to attenuate the virus), was released on the unsuspecting public. 

No story-book ending

Here’s where we have to share that the storybook ending which we’ve been fed for so long never actually took place!  What did happen is that polio rates rocketed following vaccination and particularly in those US states that had implemented the vaccine most widely. The following states are examples of their ‘before and after vaccine’ case numbers of polio:

Massachusetts: 273 to 2,027; Wisconsin: 326 to 1655; New York state: 469 to 764

The fiasco would be called the ‘Cutter Incident’ because the vaccine was manufactured by Cutter laboratories and within days of vaccination 40,000 children were left with polio, 200 with severe paralysis as well as 10 deaths. This was well documented in the book, ‘The Poisonous Needle’ by Edward McBean.

There was mass panic from the Roosevelt administration and huge concerns voiced by the Press.  The excuse offered at the time was a ‘bad batch’.  However the damage had been done and trust in the vaccine had been severely shaken!

At this point the medical authorities decided that they wanted the whole polio shambles to go away and so they devised a most cunning plan….

Polio would be redefined and renamed!! 

A most devious solution!

Until 1956 anyone who had presented with muscle weakness or paralysis for 24 hours was diagnosed as having polio.  However, the number of cases needed to be addressed.  Polio was abruptly redefined and instead of the standard 24 hour yardstick for diagnosis, polio could only be diagnosed if symptoms had been present for a minimum of 60 days!

The polio cases ‘miraculously’ fell away while anyone who presented with symptoms of paralysis for less than the required 60 days would be diagnosed as having ‘aseptic meningitis’ instead!  The polio vaccine was heralded as the saviour and would go on to serve as an example of vaccine success for decades to come!

We would have to call it ‘genius’, if it were not so blatantly devious and deceitful…..

More cover-ups and lies

The dismal story of polio vaccines should have ended there, but tragically there was still worse to come. In 1959 Dr Bernice Eddy, a scientist at the NIH became aware that there was an infectious agent in the latest polio vaccine that could cause cancer.  She raised the alarm and was demoted and had her laboratory removed for her honesty.

However, Dr Eddy had been correct and this was later confirmed by Maurice Hilleman at Merck to be the now infamous SV40 monkey virus that did indeed cause cancer from the monkeys used as the substrate to culture the virus for the polio vaccine.

A lethal legacy persists

Estimates suggest that as many as 100 million people were injected with this contaminated vaccine until 1963 when it was finally pulled from the market.  Tragically however, the damage was done and a legacy of this lethal vaccine persists to this day.  The following is a brief outline of its effect amongst Americans alone:

  • 38% of bone cancers were identified with SV40 (Loyola university Medical Center)
  • 58% of mesotheliomas (lung cancer) had SV40
  • Osteosarcomas (type of bone cancer) – 10x higher in states where the contaminated vaccine was used
  • Cancer Research identified SV40 in 23% blood samples and 45% semen samples confirming that SV40 could be sexually transmitted
  • New England Journal of Medicine published two studies demonstrating that SV40 could be passed onto infants from vaccinated mothers and those children had 13x greater incidence of brain tumours

Time to let go of the polio vaccine ‘fairy story’

In summary, the true polio vaccine story doesn’t have the story-book ending that the vaccine industry worked so hard to achieve.  Instead, overrun with failure, tragedy, deception and cover-ups it is time to let go of the polio vaccine fairy-story that has helped to keep the vaccine ship afloat for so long while crucially keeping the population disempowered in health and utterly reliant on the industries outside of them.

References: ‘Official Stories’ by Liam Scheff

‘Unsuccessful Modern Medical Miracles’ by Richard Gale and Gary Null

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  1. Thank you for this important information. It is important to share our knowledge. It needs to be said that even though the polio vaccination began in the second half of the last century, with the above-mentioned deleterious effects, vaccination itself had been ongoing from much earlier. There is evidence, in a book, ‘The Science of Chiropractic’, by Palmer, published in 1906, that there already existed injuries and deaths from vaccination, in the late 1800’s and very early 1900’s. My own father, born in 1929, died at the age of 34, from an inoperable brain tumour, caused by his vaccination. His mother, my grandmother, unvaccinated, died of natural caused, at 103. My father, the first generation in our family to be vaccinated and first to get cancer. Each of his three siblings, although later in their lives, succumbed to cancer.

    1. Hello Karen, thanks for your comments. I am very sorry to hear of your family’s first-hand negative experiences with vaccination. It is another tragic example of the devastation vaccination has caused to so many. It is certainly true that polio was not the first vaccine to be introduced, nor the only one to cause massive fall-out in terms of negative consequences. It however remains the one sited most as an example to support ongoing vaccination which was the reason I chose to highlight the misinformation related to it.

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