'The Virus' is NOT the enemy!

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'The Virus' is NOT the enemy!

By Dr Janey Little

In a world that has been brought to its knees by a virus, the sad irony is that ‘this virus’ (and indeed any virus or microbe), has NEVER been the enemy that we were led to believe!

Let’s take a closer look to understand this crucial point….

The Germ Theory

In the 1850’s the seed was sown for the current approach to modern medicine.  Louis Pasteur proposed the often-sited ‘germ theory’ which stated that disease was caused by microbes that entered the body from the outside. 

He proposed that these microbes were monomorphic (of one shape or form) and that each disease could be attributed to a unique microbe (bacteria/virus/fungus etc).  It followed therefore that in order to treat the disease one had to kill the specific invading microbe. This understanding would in time give rise to the assumed need for antibiotics and vaccines and upon which the entire Pharmaceutical industry would be based.

The Terrain Theory

During this same period of history however, there were two other French scientists named Antoine Bechamp and Claude Bernard who shared an opposing theory which has remained much less-well known than that of Pasteur’s.  Their hypothesis was coined the ‘terrain theory’

This theory proposed that tiny microbes, referred to as ‘microzyma’ lived normally in the body. They concluded that there was in excess of 100 trillion of these microbes which in effect translated to us having more microbes in our body than we have human cells and that they are meant to be there!  They demonstrated that these tiny microbes could transform into different forms – thus making them pleomorphic (of more than one shape or form) based on the body’s requirements at any one time.  

When the cellular terrain of the body is healthy and in-balance, these microzyma would assist in the day-to-day clean-up of cellular debris and metabolic waste products.  They were therefore shown to be a necessary part of our body, constantly working on optimising our body’s inner environment to maintain health.

If the terrain were to deteriorate however, as a result of various dietary and/or environmental factors, then these microzyma would transform into the appropriate form of microbe (virus, bacteria or fungus) to facilitate in the increased demand to clean-up the cellular terrain and in doing so help to restore the state of health of the body. In truth, here was evidence of an ingenious symbiosis of nature’s microbes in harmony with our bodies to enhance our health!

“Infection is no war in which the body is fighting invaders.  The bacteria that come to these sites are symbiotic and help the body in elaborating dead cells- they are partners in the clean-up process.  When this has been achieved, the bacteria disappear and the wound heals.  Infection….is a body cleaning process for a body burdened with toxic materials.” 

T.C Fry

While the ‘cellular theory’ accepts that microbes also enter the body from the outside, these external microbes remain far outnumbered by the microzyma within the body and will only enter and cause symptoms of disease in the body when the cellular terrain is unhealthy.  A virus for example is not able to enter the nucleus of a cell which is well oxygenated because the presence of oxygen would simply destroy it.  In fact if a microbe enters the body but is not required by the cells of the body to improve the terrain, then it is quickly eliminated by the immune system.

Dominion over our terrain!

Of crucial importance is the fact that we have ultimate dominion over the status of our cellular terrain at any point! We can make changes to our terrain by altering our choices in diet as well as addressing external environmental factors such as air quality, exposure to electromagnetic radiation, contact with toxic chemicals, emotional stressors etc. As we improve our terrain, so we enhance our innate immunity to infections. In doing so we come to understand that we are in control of the status of our terrain and are NOT merely victims of random infections!

“Germs do not cause disease!  Nature never surrounded her children with enemies.  It is the individual himself who makes disease possible in his own body because of poor living habits.

We should all be taught that germs are friends and scavengers attracted by disease, rather than enemies causing disease.  As their internal environment is, so will be the attraction for any specific micro-organism….The germ theory and vaccination are kept going by commercialism. ”Dr Robert R Gross

It is interesting to note that we can easily confirm the reality of microzyma by having a live blood analysis performed on our own blood.  This is a procedure that is widely available in current times enabling a practitioner to assess the health of our blood and by virtue of that the health of our cellular terrain by observing amongst other things, the state of our ‘microzyma’ using any standard microscope.

“Bernard was correct…….terrain is everything”

Ironically, Pasteur himself would go on to admit to the flaws of his own ‘germ theory’ and near the time of his death would be quoted as saying, “Bernard was correct…….terrain is everything”. However, it was too little, too late.  Pasteur had been a man with considerable influence and by the time of his death had already successfully convinced the vast majority of the medical fraternity of his ‘germ theory’ in spite of the fact that he had never been educated in science.

Germ theory gives rise to Big Pharma

This ‘germ theory’ would go on to dictate the way in which conventional medicine would evolve to the current time at the virtual total exclusion of the critical role of the terrain.  The ‘germ theory’ has given rise to Big Pharma and Big Medicine – multi-billion dollar industries who are not incentivised to empower the public with the truth that each of us has the power to control the state of our cellular terrain and in doing so become our own masters of disease prevention and healing!

Germ TheoryCellular Theory
Louis PasteurAntoine Bechamp & Claude Bernard
Monomorphic organismsPleomorphic organisms
Microbes are the enemy!Microbes are part of nature’s wisdom
working on our behalf!
Feeling of vulnerability to random infections Confidence in governing our own health
Vaccines and antimicrobials required to stay healthyDiet and lifestyle choices are the focus in staying healthy
Reliance on the industries outside of usSelf-reliance in health
Fearful during the pandemicConfident and empowered through the pandemic

A Disempowered Global Population

Most people have assumed that the ‘germ theory’ adopted by the conventional medical system is the whole truth. This has left a global population devastatingly disempowered and reliant on answers for their health to come in the form of vaccines or antimicrobials.  The results have been all-too-clear to see over the past year, evidenced by a population paralysed with fear while the vast majority queue up for an untested ‘vaccine’ in spite of a mounting daily tally of adverse side-effects and deaths.

A cocktail of chemicals worsens the cellular terrain

In addition to the fearful adherence of mask-wearing and reliance on the ‘vaccine’ during these times, we witness the fearful obsession of keeping microbes away with the prolific use of chemicals in the home and work environment, not to mention the relentless use of hand sanitizers during these times.  The truth is that our immune systems are very well designed to deal with microbes but not evolved to deal with the constant chemical onslaught of these cleaning agents.  In fact ironically it is this ongoing cocktail of chemicals that contribute to an unhealthy inner terrain therefore making us more prone to disease, not less!

Believing the ‘germ theory’ has left much of the world feeling vulnerable and fearful and thus found handing their powers away to the outside industries and authorities!

The ‘terrain theory’ in contrast reminds us that we have more power in dictating our health than we were ever led to believe! By making dietary and environmental choices that are consistent with promoting the vitality of our cellular terrain we can very effectively prevent and heal ourselves from disease. This understanding of microbes is also a beautiful reminder of nature’s infinite wisdom and the profound purpose behind every planetary being, including microbes! 

Time to embrace a paradigm shift and reclaim our power!

With the world in Crisis over a virus it has arguably never been more important to embrace a paradigm shift in our approach to microbes! By embracing the terrain theory and making wiser choices to enhance our terrain we will find that all feelings of vulnerability around microbes will begin to dissolve as we start to reclaim our true power in health.  When we do so en-masse, the powers that keep our world hijacked in fear during these current times will in turn lose their hold on us, as we reclaim our Power and our Freedom! Let’s do this together!

References: ‘Cancer… You Can Heal Yourself!’ by Dr Janey Little

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  1. Brilliant! A gift of love! Thank you Janey for writing such a simple, easy to read article which makes common sense. It’s so important at this time to share it widely….I will.

    1. Thank you Bronwen, and many thanks for sharing! Each time we share a timeless truth we plant a seed that has the potential to germinate, now or in the future… Much love!

  2. Thank you, Janey. You explained it all very well however, I reckon this pandemic is not caused by a virus so to speak from nature but, was developed in a laboratory which managed to contaminate the surrounding city of Wuhan. Indians in India are the most laid back people on earth and most of them have been living with pathogens all there lives – now they are dealing with a strain of this engineered virus and one can read the results in the news which was confirmed by a colleague of mine living in India.

    1. Thanks for your comment Christelle. I agree, there is much evidence to suggest that this is a man-made, patented ‘virus’. This important topic I will address in a separate article. Nonetheless, our immune system remains infinitely better than a vaccine in response to it.

      Please also note that the situation in India is not as it would appear. It has been fabricated and inflamed with photos and video footage of a gas leak that occurred a couple of years ago that tragically killed thousands. This has been validated by Indians living there. Of course this brings into question the reasons for deliberately disseminating misinformation to evoke more fear.

  3. Thank you so much for this excellent explanation! As a trained nurse of many years standing I’ve more instinctively felt there was something not right in our understanding of disease

    1. Hello June, I’m happy to hear that it has been helpful and that you are open to seeing the different paradigm in approach to microbes and their relation to our health. Please share with your nurse friends! 😉

  4. Excellent and educative article. I learned long time ago in a microbiology class that disease is an outcome of the interactions between the agent(microbes), the organism and the environment. But why does modern medicine neglect the host (organism) and the environment and focus largely on the agent? Pasteur was not a biologist but a chemist. The human genome project has discovered that microbes outnumber human cells by a factor of 10:1.

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