What if you were given 6 months to live?

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What if you were given 6 months to live?

By Dr Janey Little

Mr Wright was a cancer patient with advanced Lymphoma. He was weak, febrile and emaciated and his doctor gave him days to live. However, Mr Wright had other plans and pestered his doctor to put him on a trial of Krebiozen which he had heard was a new miracle drug. His doctor eventually relented feeling that there was nothing to lose. He was not expecting to witness the results that his patient would experience – ‘the tumours melted like snowballs on a hot stove‘ were his doctor’s words in utter amazement in response to his patient’s dramatic recovery after receiving the trial drug. Mr Wright was released from hospital after just a few days.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Mr Wright did very well for a significant period of time until he read an article revealing the truth about Krebiozen in which it stated that the ‘miracle drug’ indeed had no medical value and was to be pulled from the market.

Mr Wright’s health deteriorated rapidly upon hearing this news (although nothing else had changed). His tumours returned and he was admitted back to hospital. His doctor, realising what had happened – Mr Wright had healed because he believed he would – offered his patient another ‘trial drug’ that he said showed great promise. The difference this time was that there was no drug, and instead he injected Mr Wright with saline while applauding the anticipated benefits of the ‘new drug’.

Once again, Mr Wright’s recovery was spectacular and he was released from hospital and enjoyed renewed health for another period of time. Sadly however, Mr Wright would later learn of the ploy, though well-intended, to restore his health and so, drained of all hope that there was ever a miracle drug, his health plummeted once again and he returned to hospital where he died soon after.

While this true story is a sad one for Mr Wright, it serves as an excellent reminder to us of the power of belief operating both for and against our greater good!

These concepts are not new and can be explained as the following:

The PLACEBO effectAltering our physical reality through positive thought, belief and expectation alone. This will be familiar to most as the well-known sugar pill given to the control group of a study in which all-too-often the group receiving the sugar pill benefits from results as good as (or better than) the group receiving the drug (and without the side-effects). 

The less well-known to most however is the following:

The NOCEBO effectAltering our physical reality through negative thought, belief and expectation alone. This is demonstrated in the example above when Mr Wright came to learn that there was no ‘miracle drug’.

Now, back to the question posed in the title of this article…. What would you do if you were given a few weeks or months to live?

Tragically, every day around the world people are handed short survival-time predictions after receiving a cancer diagnosis (or any other ‘life-threating’ condition). When the unfortunate person goes on to succumb in a timespan similar to that which was predicted, the doctor is often hailed as having great knowledge in foreseeing this.

The tragic truth however is that these survival-time predictions are simply setting the stage for manifesting that duration of lifespan – the negative power of the mind (or the NOCEBO effect) in action! Put differently, when the patient unquestionably believes what they are told in regards to anticipated lifespan after a diagnosis, they all-too-often go on to fulfil their doctor’s grim prognosis!

The first point to highlight here is the fact that if only more doctors paused to consider the power of their words and the Nocebo effect before recklessly handing out a grim prognosis many people would undoubtedly experience a different outcome!

Of course many of our conventional doctors – pawns of a Pharma-driven medical model – have been conditioned to believe that there is no answer to these diseases because they too have been brain-washed by the fundamentally flawed symptom-based approach to promote drugs which at best offer short-term relief but certainly not true healing. Thus the dismal results they witness in their patients with diseases such as cancer simply reinforce their beliefs that ‘we are still waiting for a cure’ and so short-term life predictions are presented as fact.

However, what if we consciously chose NOT to buy into the doctor’s nocebo prediction?

What if we reminded ourselves of a great Truth that Big Medicine does NOT want you to know; that being that we are Infinite beings and that we can potentially heal from any disease and at any stage if we believe it (the Placebo effect) and if we proceed to a) treat the cause(s) of that disease b) address the whole of who we are in healing – body, mind and soul and c) work in harmony with our incredible ‘Inner Doctor’ (rather than against it as toxic drugs and radiation do).

Would we begin to see more people defying their doctor’s grim predictions? Of course we would!

The COVID era has served as a stark reminder that all is not as the ‘powers-that-be’ would like us to believe, and the same applies to health and healing. You have infinitely more power to heal from disease (and prevent disease) than you were ever led to believe!

If you (or a loved one) are ever handed a devastating prognosis, know that you have a choice my friend; you can take your doctor’s grim prediction as truth or you can consciously choose another truth; the latter chosen in alignment with your Infinite Divine potential. Many have done it and have defied their doctor’s words!

And finally, for those amongst the status quo who find it difficult to see beyond the indoctrination of the conventional medical world and therefore may be inclined to respond with words to the effect of, ‘We should not be giving false hope’; to you I share the words once uttered by Charlotte Gerson, ‘How infinitely better than false despair!’

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  1. As always, beautifully written Janey! Whilst I was away, I was wondering what the NOCEBO effect was, compared with the PLACEBO effect. Now I understand it. Isn’t it amazing, the power of the subconscious mind!?! It reminds me of a scripture I read again recently: As a person thinks in their heart, that’s what they become (good or bad)”!!

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